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this is me.

i have a flickr and a deviantART.

i like many things, such as:

basketball, football, art, music, anime, manga, comics, books, japan, sun dresses, traveling, my chemical romance, photography, hair dye, piercings, tattoos, animals, technology, marilyn monroe, tea, jewelry, chanel, movies, cuddles, ramen, harry potter, hats, fashion, decorating, and packing.

i was born and raised in baltimore. it’s my favorite place on earth. right now i’m living in the middle of fucking virginia for college. and i don’t know why i thought that was a good idea. my dog is a pitbull-boxer mix. he is one of my best friends and i love him. i have a black cat. he’s awesome. i share my birthday with jim morrison, nicki minaj, and dwight howard. john lennon and darrell ‘dimebag’ abbott were both shot and killed on my birthday. i’m bad at math and french. 

i post things that i like, which is very strange/varied. you should leave things in my ask :D

this is my best friend zoey.
i’d do anything to have her back with me.
i miss her so much.
i always imagined us being best friends when we were old and with grandchildren. it never even occurred to me that something like this would happen.
i wish we had never fought ever. and had nothing but good times. i realize that is totally unrealistic, and any relationship, friendship or otherwise, has its ups and downs.
but everything awful we ever did to each other, none of it matters now.
i love her so much.
i hope she knows how much.